Hossein Falaki

I am a software engineer at Databricks working on the next big thing. Prior to that I was a data scientist at Apple's personal assistant, Siri. I graduated with Ph.D. in Computer Science from UCLA, where I was a member of the Center for Embedded Networked Sensing (CENS). I worked with Prof. Deborah Estrin, and collaborated with Prof. Ramesh Govindan from USC, and Ratul Mahajan from MSR.

My Ph.D. research was focused on making mobile phones smarter networked devices especially when they were used in health applications. My Ph.D. dissertation is available here. As a Master's student at the University of Waterloo, I was a member of the Tetherless Computing Lab, where I worked on the KioskNet Project with Prof. S. Keshav. I also studied scanning strategies for opportunistic communication over Wi-Fi on multi-NIC mobile devices.

Please feel free to contact me regarding my published research.